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We offer you...

Years of experience in cocktail catering make us and our Bartender
for every occasion the ideal partner.


Whether wedding, birthday or company party, our fine cocktails
consist only of the best brands to ensure
an unforgettable taste experience.


Sit back and enjoy your event,
we'll take care of the rest.

Cocktail Catering - our passion !

Our Offers
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Explosion of Taste

Taste, vision, smell and touch. We will talk to your senses and we will give you the feeling of vacation and
relaxation with our Cocktail Catering!
Where the best ingredients and good craft meet will not leave anything to chance.

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All Inclusive Service

Whether in a private atmosphere at your home or in rented premises,
our team, in consultation with you will prepare everything as you imagine to receive your guests.
For this we bring all necessary equipment, which is needed for a successful event!
Including bartenders, glasses, bar and cocktails, we will make your cocktail catering unforgettable!



And if you would like to immerse yourself in the bar customer service, we offer different workshops for companies or individuals as an event!

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Contact us

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At home !

Tired of looking for a location ?

So, then stay at home, we come at your place and take care of the rest while you can enjoy the party.

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